How to describe hydrophilicity of the surface quantitatively?

The question is that is there some parameter of the surface, which is
similar to the Hansen parameter of the liquid, so that the surface energy
between a liquid and a surface could be deduced from the property of the
liquid and surface itself?
Or we have the surface tension parameter and contact angle to describe
whether a liquid wet the surface, is there any more fundamental parameter to
discribe the process, so that things like surface tension parameter could be
Luyang Han
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Your question is not entirely clear...but there are 3 Hansen parameters - dispersion force, polar force, and hydrogen bonding force. This is probably a semi-empirical way to model the liquid surface tension by breaking into these parameters. There are similar models for the solid surface tension. I used a model called the Lifshitz/Van der Waals acid-base component theory, which breaks the surface tension into Lewis acid, Lewis base, and dispersion components. There are numerous other methods out there (go to library, web has only minimal information), but this one seemed to give me reasonable values when using contact angles of liquids with different surface tensions.
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