Principles of Direct Current Machines (1923)

Principles of Direct Current Machines (1923)
By Alexander Langsdorf
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Book Description: McGraw Hill, New York, 1923. Hard Cover. Book
Condition: Very Good +. No Jacket. Third Edition. 470 pages + index.
General Laws, the Dynamo, Armature Windings, Magnetization curve, etc.
Cover lightly scuffed, Bookplate on front endpaper. Interior is clean
and unmarked. Very good condition.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: General Laws & Definitions
Chapter 2: The Dynamo
Chapter 3: Armature Windings
Chapter 4: The Magnetization Curve - Magnetic Leakage
Chapter 5: Armature Reaction
Chapter 6: Operating Characteristics of Generators
Chapter 7: Motors
Chapter 8: Commutation
Chapter 9: Compensation of Armature Reaction & Improvement of
Chapter 10: Efficiency, Rating & Heating
Chapter 11: Boosters and Balancers - Train Lighting Systems
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