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> > Here in Australia we use our 4WDs in a lot of offroad > situations where we can become bogged and one of > the ways of extracting a bogged vehicle is a Snatchum > Strap; basically a piece of elasticated webbing about > 10m long and 75mm wide. One end of the snatchum is > attached to the bogged vehicle and the other end is > attached to the towing vehicle parked about 5m away > to allow slack in the snatchum. The towing vehicle drives > away moderately quickly takes up the slack in the > snatchum then stretches it and "snatches" the bogged > vehicle out - we hope! :) > > My vehicle has a closed loop tow hook and the Snatchum > also has a closed loop on each end, the usual way to > connect snatchum to vehicle is a metal D shackle, which > although pretty tough does have the notable drawback > that if it, or the tow hook break you have 1kg of metal > doing it's own thing at very high energy! My (perhaps > not so :) brilliant idea is to thread the snatchum loop > through my tow loop and connect the two with a piece > of 25mm hardwood dowel. So the dowel will be pressed > against the two sides of my tow loop (about 60mm apart) > and the snatchum will exert all it's force against that > section of the dowel. > > I appreciate there are so many unknown variables in > this it's impossible to calculate with any accuracy if > the dowel will break but I would appreciate group > experience as to whether the idea is _completely_ > doomed to failure or whether it might work. I'm thinking > that even if the dowel does break it's not going to be > anywhere near as dangerous as a broken D shackle. > > Thanks in advance. > > Mike Harding

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