Your best solution to relieving residual stress!

Your best solution to relieving residual stress!
We know that you are a world-renowned company in mechanical industry,
have you ever encountered with the problem as the residual stress
within work pieces of welding, casting, forging and so on? We can
solve all your problems!
Beijing Semboo Science and Technology Co,.LTD, located in China, is a
world leading company in vibratory stress relief. It's a high and new-
tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, research and
development of VSR equipments, which are widely used in various
manufacturing companies of mechanical industry. Our product can
successfully reduce the energy consumption by over 95%, so as to be
targeted as high-tech energy saving and environment friendly product.
The most attracting thing is that our equipment "Navigator Expert
System for Vibratory Stress Relief" can successfully relieve stress in
100% mechanical industry, compared to the traditional equipment in
only 23% mechanical industry.
We formulate the National Military Standard
We boast the world's most leading subharmonic VSR tech
We assure you first-class quality and star-level service.
Hundreds work pieces, one technics
Absolute alternative to thermal stress relief
For your notice, our present cooperators include:
Beijing Satellite Manufacturing
China Military Group
Tianjin SanDa Casting Ltd
Beijing Renmin machinery Ltd
Our future will be even brighter. With the first-round financial
investment of $ 8 million from American Orchid Asia Group Management
Fund, our first step is to establish our office in the USA, followed
by our sales network world-wide. We are looking forward to your
communication and cooperation.
For more information, please click
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to visit our
Please do not hesitate to contact us!
Contact person: John (Director)
Best regards!
Beijing Semboo Science and Technology Co,.LTD
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