Analytic nonlinear expression

I would like to validate a method for developing quasi-analytic nonlinear expressions. Therefore I desire an analytic expression for a 3 dof. mechanical forced system.

My initial searches haven't come up with anything, so any tips/references would be highly appriciated.

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Christopher Grinde
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Linearize the nonlinear functions at the expected operating point or break up into piecewise linear functions, i.e different slopes for different ranges.

As far as the 3 dof system, set-up the equations of motion, i.e. differential equations. Solve with Laplace transforms. The forcing function(s) will need to be expressed as a function of time.

See book, Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems, by Close, Frederick and Newell. It mostly covers linear systems, but has a chapter on linearizing.

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Jeff Finlayson

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