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Hi everyone - The Nature of the problem is that I am modelling a direct current through a steel plate and observing the effects of the potential distribution in the plate. The answers I am getting are very strange. Ive attached the contour plot result snapshot as fig 1. I would expect the potential drop to be linear along the plate and not concentrate on the current inputs. Ice followed the following general processes after defining the geometry of my shape (50mm by 50mm by

10mm steel block with flaws drilled in the middle;

1) define the preferences ? Electric and h-method investigation

2) add the element type ? solid 231 suited to model potential drop

3) add a degree of freedom ? volts

4) No constants have to be defined

5) define the materials ? constant permeability (MRUX 6000)

constant resistivity (RSVX 159e-6)

6)Mesh ? standard procedure after defining the element attributes, usually fine mesh

7)Applying the loads, - applying an excitation ? current at the nodes which are close to fixed coordinates ( as shown in fig 1 as the hotspots), loads of 50Amps at one end and -50Amps at the other node which is opposit the 50A loaded node.

8) Solve load step and plot the contours and I get a strange answer. The porential dropconcentrates near the 2 current loading nodes and is not linear throughout the specimen. so for rcample the whole specimenn has one potential and a small circumfrence around the loaded node has 3 potentials !

Do you see me missing any obvious steps? Or a mistake in the configuration. I believe there is a problem with the loading at elements, how could I overcome this?

FIG 1 is my results Fig 2 is what I expect but dont get (tanken from ansys81.pdf brochure from google)

I would appreciate your help greatly.


Deepak Jain

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