circumferential strain

Dear All,
I require to calculate the circumferential strain of cylinder.
consider a hollow cylinder as active element.
a1 = inner radii
b1 = outer radii
E = Young's modulus
v = Poisson ratio
ec = circumferential strain
I require to obtain the circumferential strain in two different
1. the inner pressure of cylinder is P and the outer pressure is 0
2. the inner pressure is 0 and the outer pressure is P
I can calculate stress components of cilynder such as radial and
tangential and longitudinal stress in two above condition. what
relation are there between thess stresses and circumferential strain.
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Circumferential strain is the same as tangential strain in this case.
If you have Radial stress, Axial stress and Tangential (Circumferential stress) apply Hooke's Law and voila.
Consult any book on Solids Mechanics for Hooke's law and another on Theory of Elasticity for evaluating stresses.
This is the classical so called problem of "thick wall cylinder".
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Juan Vazquez
thank you very much, I think, you are right, But in an article I read that the circumferential strain of cylinder when the cylinder is inner pressurized is: ec=3DP*(k2)^2*(2-v)/[(k2)^2-1] the above expression is not equal to tangentional strain. I think these are not equal. Please let me know, if you would like to see the article.
Juan Vazquez wrote:
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Yes, I would like to.
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