High-acceleration actuator

I am looking for an actuator (pref. linear) that can accelerate
from 6m/s to zero in about 2mm and preferably reverse direction
at that point.
If this can't be done I could let the actuator moving element coast
from 6m/s into a hard stop, thus causing the direction reversal and
high acceleration.
I appreciate any ideas you can offer.
Kurt Sutherland
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Kurt Sutherland
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Dear Kurt Sutherland:
A dashpot could do the deceleration part. As for reaccelerating it...
A rotating cam with a 2 mm offset could do this too. The trick would be synchronizing the arrival of your load with the starting position of the cam.
Important things to know would be how much mass you are trying to do this with, how many times, and will the accelerated body take these kind of G's.
I think read heads on hard drives are close to these velocities/accelerations...
David A. Smith
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So you are talking about an acceleration of about 900 g.
Some sort of desmodromic cam, maybe?
Greg Locock
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Greg Locock
say WHAT? (6000mm/sec-0mm/sec)/2)=3000mm/sec avg velocity (assuming linear acceleration), x=v*t, thus t=x/v=2mm/3000mm/sec, t=.000667sec
That's what we call in technical terms "really fast".
D> 2mm in what time? An hour? A day?
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what weight do you intend to move in this way?
with light loads, it may be possible to do it with a powerful servo drive and a toothed belt.
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