IUJ Symposium on Value Co-Creation (12 May 2006, Tokyo)

12 May 2006, Tokyo
Chair: Kerimcan Ozcan
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Co-creation of value has recently become not only a reality but also a
necessity in many domains and industries. From R&D to marketing, from
services to manufacturing, key premises of the industrial system are
being challenged fundamentally. The veil of market exchange is
punctured: producers creating "potential" value ex ante on one side and
consumers realizing "actual" value ex post on the other is no more.
Producers and consumers can create and realize actual value
simultaneously and together. The ultimate source and determinant of
value is personalized experience, which cannot be designed, packaged,
and delivered through products. What a firm can do, along with other
firms in an expanded network, is to provide environments for the
consumer to co-create experiences, along with other consumers in
communities. As Prahalad and Ramaswamy (2004) forcefully argue, this
potential to co-create can become a reality if the interactions are
equipped with consciously designed and intuitively graspable mechanisms
for dialogue, access, risk assessment, and transparency between firms
and consumers. These mechanisms can already be implemented with
emerging technological capabilities such as miniaturization,
environmental sensing, embedded intelligence, networked communication,
and adaptive learning systems to enable self- and remote-diagnostics,
tracking and monitoring, connectivity and interactivity, mobility and
seamlessness, and continuity and transformability. Far-reaching
questions and implications of this paradigm shift are pursued by many
visionaries, scholars, and technologists in diverse fields of thinking
and research.
To generate new conversations and stimulate collaboration in this
exciting area of value co-creation, International University of Japan
(IUJ) is organizing an academic meeting:
IUJ Symposium on Value Co-Creation
Date: 12 May 2006, Friday, 9:45am - 6:00pm (registration starting at
Location: IUJ Tokyo Office GLOCOM Hall (15-21, Roppongi 6-chome).
For an access map visit:
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Note: No entrance fee required. The symposium will be conducted in
Symposium website:
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Presentations are grouped into three broad areas of concern:
consumption and marketing, creativity and design, and production and
technology. Covering a wide variety of issues, the presenters will talk
=B7 Value Co-Creation, Co-Creation System
=B7 Innovation Networks, Consumer Communities
=B7 Prosumer System, Customer as Innovator
=B7 Intelligent Space, Experience Environment
=B7 Interaction Design, Experience Design
=B7 Participatory Design, User-Centered Design
=B7 Collective Creativity, Creativity Support
=B7 Collective Intelligence, Collaborative Engineering
=B7 Agent-Based Modeling, Multi-Agent Simulation
=B7 Emergence, Complexity
The following distinguished scholars are confirmed to deliver
presentations on the symposium:
=B7 Prof. Nobutada Fujii: University of Tokyo, Research into Artifacts
Center for Engineering
=B7 Prof. Shuichi Fukuda. Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology,
Faculty of Engineering
=B7 Prof. Yutaka Hamaoka. Keio University, Faculty of Business and
=B7 Prof. Hideki Hashimoto. University of Tokyo, Institute of
Industrial Science
=B7 Prof. Kumiyo Nakakoji. University of Tokyo, Research Center for
Advanced Science and Technology, and SRA Key Technology Lab, Inc.
=B7 Prof. Kerimcan Ozcan. International University of Japan, Graduate
School of International Management
=B7 Prof. Masaki Tomochi. Chuo University, Faculty of Policy Studies
=B7 Prof. Kanji Ueda. University of Tokyo, Research into Artifacts
Center for Engineering
Keynote Speaker
On this occasion, we are also much honored to feature as keynote
speaker Dr. Venkat Ramaswamy, Professor of Marketing and Computer and
Information Systems at University of Michigan's Ross School of
Business. Professor Ramaswamy has recently co-authored the book "The
Future of Competition: Co-Creating Unique Value with Customers" ("Kachi
kyousou no mirai e - Kokyaku to kigyou no Co-creation", Harvard
Business School Press, 2004) with renowned management guru Professor
C=2EK. Prahalad. Having published a series of award-winning articles on
value co-creation in prestigious journals such as Harvard Business
Review, Sloan Management Review, Strategy+Business (also in Japanese),
and Journal of Interactive Marketing, he has been an invited speaker at
Motorola, Nokia, HP, Honeywell, Infosys, British Airways, Nomura
Research Institute, and Sony.
How to Participate
The number of participants will be limited to 75 to provide a
participatory and productive environment for multi-disciplinary
dialogue. If you want to reserve a seat for this event, please reply to
Kerimcan Ozcan ( snipped-for-privacy@iuj.ac.jp) with a brief description of your
professional and/or research interests and affiliations.
For a detailed program and abstracts of presentations please visit:
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