Newsgroups First Reality TV Like Thread; Today's Topic: DIY Alignment

The goal: To see if & how long it takes to properly do a front end
A previous half hearted effort failed and at the time of this post
there has been no subsequent research although I'm guessing there are
a lot of youtube videos full of tricks.
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill
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OK, maybe not the most action packed topic. I'll just have to liven it up with some of my short cuts that'll put any redneck shade tree mechanic to shame.
First of all, the bucket of water/tube leveling procedure ain't gonna happen -- WAY too complicated and time consuming even though I got a bucket and tube. Instead I'll exploit two facts:
1. The tolerances are quite low on my vehicle. The castor is 0.83 +/- 0.75, camber 0.75 +/- 0.33.
2. Abandoned slabs of concrete abound nearby so one is sure to be level enough. This will be determined by cycling around and dumping tap water out of one of my bicycle water bottles to find the best candidate. Later on I return with the vehicle.
Buying tiles or smearing grease ain't gonna happen either. Instead glass beads left over from particle bed fluidization experiments should be slippery enough.
I'll simply turn the wheels one way and then the other. Both sides _better_ be the same on the bob. If those readings aren't helpful I'll just start adding shims.
Hey, this is better than that guy who used a 15 lb hammer, ain't it?
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill

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