how much air needed to run a 5hp briggs & stratton as an air driver for belt dri

I'm building a genset for my home power using an old modified 5hp briggs as an
air powered driver, my question is; how much volume & pressure will it take?
If i use a gast compressor must i store the risidual air? Can i produce enough
air with the gast to be viable for turning the rpm needed in long uninterupted
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Wally W.
Dear Dano:
You should look up the displacement, and use that. As to pressure, the eng ine proper will be good to 100 psi, but the components around it are rated for much less. You'd need to keep rpm up, since the engine and its lubrica tion systems depend on a known speed to keep up with lubrication requiremen ts.
No idea what you are asking.
The gast depends on electrical power. If you have electrical power, there are much easier / cheaper / safer methods of getting variable shaft speed. Like a VFD.
David A. Smith
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Dano wrote in news:X-udnR-yJMSny-bNnZ2dnUVZ
It is not at all clear what you want to do from your description. You need to include significant amount of detail including what devices are doing what jobs and the details of the devices and hookup. Gast, for example, makes many different types of compressors and air motors.
To give you a general idea of how much volume and pressure there is a formula and a calculator at:
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Note this is a calculator for the hp required to compress the air adiabaticly, that is without the transmission of heat. This is not trivial to do. In addition, every time you transform energy from one state to another you loose energy. You can never get back all the energy it took to store the energy.
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Charly Coughran

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