Psychrometrics tips?

Perhaps a bit technical, but I've been trying to solve a psychrometrics problem for quite a while now.

It concerns a dryer in which a substance is dryed by air. The substance is added and removed continuously. The air is cooled between states 2-3 and heated between 1-3. The drying chamber is between 1-2, and is considered adiabatic.

State 1: T1 (dry bulb) = 65C

State 2: relative humidity = 85%

State 3: T3 (dry bulb) = 2C, relative humidity = 100%

Pressure is constant at 1 bar, airflow is 10kg/s and circulates in a closed process.

I'm trying to sketch the process in a Mollier-diagram; Any tips/ideas on how to determine the temperature at state 2?



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