Re: Energy from near space solar mirrors

We can do the same for these
> satellites by putting them on rectangular hydrogen bags which could
> lift them the ten or twenty miles above the clouds.
It might be a good idea.
1. Could the balloons be easily positioned up there with no wind or
asteroid problems?
2. Some shade would be welcome in Phoenix but in other places farmers
may complain about the shadows cast by the balloons.
3. Could the balloon lift high voltage lines to transmit the power to
Bret Cahill
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Bret Cahill
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Dear Bret Cahill:
You'd have more or less constant wind. Asteroids would be slightly less in frequency, but (slightly) higher in impact speed.
How about Seattle? It is cloudy there most days... they might never know...
Not economically.
Ground-situated solar farms are safer. Even if we don't get shade out of it.
David A. Smith
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