201 Alloy Stainless Steel - Asia .8% Nickel?

Hello -
Given current trends with nickel pricing, and thereby stainless steel
surcharges, our company is considering a move from 304 to 201. The
vendors we're considering (most of them in Asia) produce a 201 product
that is .8 to 1.2% nickel. We are concerned about the potential for
We are a manufacture of stainless steel furniture components - table &
desk bases, etc. By and large are products are made from 16 and 18
gage tubing of various sizes / dimensions. The products for which we'd
consider this move are strictly for INDOOR applications. However, some
of our pieces do end up in seaside homes where the climate is more
Our understanding is that this .8% nickel 201 material is widely used
in store fixture and [residential] kitchen appliance applications. Can
anyone confirm this? Perhaps someone can share their experience using
201? Have you run into corrosion problems? Are there issues with the
general appearance of the material changing over time (finish /
Any other problems either machining and /or welding 201?
Any and all your help would be much appreciated.
Thank You!
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201 is a good choice replacement for 304. This is very popular alloy in paper and chemical industries. Yes the trend is now to shift from Ni containing alloys. Once this movement gains momentum,you can find Ni prices dropping. There is no sane reason for the Ni prices shooting up .
There is no problem in machining this material. You can perform similar fabrication operations as in 304 alloy.
Arun Rao Avestruz wrote:
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