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I have a Hobart Handler 175 MIG and I need to weld some stainless steel plates onto steel angle iron and it's something I have never done before. Just a few questions: What type of gas and wire should I use to get the best results? Can I use stainless wire/Tri-Mix or solid wire/CO2-Argon or solid wire/CO2 or can I use Flux Cored wire? Right now I only have a tank for Argon/CO2 but if it is better to use 100% CO2 or Tri-Mix I will by another tank if I get the OK from the boss. Also, are there any tips or techniques for this process? Thanks very much in advance.

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you can use ether setup, since you are welding ss to mild steel the stainless properties or corrosion resistance does not matter anymore, argon /co2 with mild steel wire will do just fine, but your weld bead will not be corrosion resistant if you would switch to trigas and stainless wire your weld bead would have more stainless steel in it (more chromium/nickel alloys) but you are still welding/melting it in to mild steel, strength wise the mild steel is less resistant to stress fractures.

maybe some >I have a Hobart Handler 175 MIG and I need to weld some stainless steel

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In stick welding it is a common practice to weld ss to mild steel with stainless stick. Have always been told you can weld ss to mild steel with ss rod but not mild steel rod to stainless. I am supposing the same is true with wire.

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