Newbie: One MIG gas for stainless and mild steel?

I'm going to be MIG welding stainless 304 tube, approximately 1/8" thick for the first time. I have a Lincoln 175+ Mig Welder. I know I have to swap my C25 Argon/CO2 gas mix for a Tri-Mix gas. My local welding supply stocks it so I'll pick up a small tank of that.

My question is about using the stainless MIG wire and Tri-Mix gas for everything (stainless and mild steel) so I don't have to keep changing the wire and gas back and forth when I switch materials. I know stainless wire is more expensive but I don't weld enough where the cost will be meaningful.

I also read when reading old messages that 309 stainless wire is much better with mild steel then the more common 308?



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