racing cylinder materials

Does anyone know some good materials too use in making of racing cylinders
for two strokes?
The problem is that alcohol and nitro mixes create unusual high
It must altso tolerate punishing high revs' (20,000 rpm )
And the piston?
Titanium perhaps?
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Haaken Hveem
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Last I heard a "nickel-silicon" plating was the big thing.
That's not doing it any longer?
Alvin in AZ
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Off hand I don't believe Ti would beat (lighter and plenty strong) forged Al. What's going wrong with the Al pistons? I've broken a couple but figured it was my heavy-handed piston-lightening job that was the main cause. :)
It's pretty cool you asking about this since I've been wondering about "hot fuel" or alcohol in 2 strokes for over 15 years. A neighbor that races moto-cross claims there's no need for better fuel than gasoline. :/
You drag racing or what?
Alvin in AZ
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skrev i melding news:d3kanv$sk6$
Well, me and some freinds are tinkering around with or mopeds..... I can safely say that they are no longer stock 50cc! They are drilled and honed too aprox 70cc.
A friend of me had a honda mt5 that was really scary, it did around 120 KMT ( 74.56 miles/hour )on a mix of 50% model areoplane fuel mixture and gasoline. The cops pulled him over , and i belive they measure the top end rpm to check for tuning here in norway, and that engine did 14,000 RPM! He vas fined a very little sum ( 150$ ), and had too deliver the cylinder set on the police station, but he youst delivered the stock one. The police never noticed it...
The Norwegian gowerment has presently adjusted fines upward here in Norway, basically if you forget too signal of of the "merry go rou'nd" the fine is 5000 Norwegian krones ( 779.046 USD ) and the gasoline are now up too 15 NOK per litre ( 2.33 USD ).
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Haaken Hveem
Cool! :)
I believe your best bet to be-> buy the best oil you can find and forget the special piston and cylinder materials, unless the best oil can't do the job good enough?
Not sure what oil that would be though. :/ The owner of the local motorcycle shop should know.
But still, this stuff you're messing with, and the way you are doing it, is not going to be long-lived equipment anyway. :/
Even a fancy top-of-the-line motocross bike needs constant attention to keep it going right. No kidding on that. :/
Holy cow! :) Where did you get the idea for that mix? :) Did the model-airplane fuel have enough oil in it? I suppose the gasoline was already mixed with oil?
BTW, model-airplane-fuel is "hot fuel" for those that didn't know it. ...It's got nitro-methane in it. :)
These guys are nuts. Just my kind of guys actually. :)
Yeeee Haaawww. :)
Bureaucrat's "excuses" are always good-sounding ones... but the "real reason" is always more-money. :/
Alvin in AZ (libertarian)
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