slag foaming basics needed

We have problems where I work with the slag foaming over. At the BOF
this causes problems when they need to get a sample and at the Ladle
Treatment Station the ladles will foam over on certain grades ( low
carbon .04 to about .12) and this can cause a cap off at the caster
when the crane gets stuck to the trunion on the ladle. The engineers
are advocating use of slag conditoner and Al bars to the slag to
maintain control of the foaming. This helps but does not solve problem.
If slag is very foamy and looks like foam on beer when we start
treating heat this is very difficult to control vs when slag is flat.
Where can I get some basics on this in case something elementary had
been overlooked? Can the process be delt with at the BOF stage? Is this
a problem of the peritectic grades particularly? I am looking up
peritectic but do I need to look into this deeply? The foam is caused
when we add carbon as either Mn, bags, or wire. We also throw in bags
of rubber at the BOF and at LTS to suppress the foam, but it does not
completely solve problem.
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