Abrasion resistant steel?

I am seeking advice for abrasion resistant steel. One guy recommends S-7, I'm not very familiar with S-7. I'm thinking 0-1, D-2, Stellite coated cold-roll. The application is for guides for oil-tempered wire where the ends of the wire will constantly be run along it. My parameters are: Ease of machining, $, longevity...in that order. Thanks!

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Tom Gardner
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Sounds like a bitch if the wire is moving fast and/or has to be located precisely. For small work moving fast and accurate, a gemstone is often used.

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Jim Stewart

I've had no problem machining Stellite #6 with carbide tooling.


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Ted Edwards

"Tom Gardner" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com:

Take a look at what has to offer.

Using their spray application, a thin [.00005"] layer of exceptionally abrasion-resistant steel could be applied where needed.

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