machine tools for sale Southern MS

I am moving near Kennedy Space Center in FL soon. I have decided to sell my machines and replace them later, rather than move them, as I have to build a shop. These machines are in Ocean Springs, MS (next to Biloxi)

  1. Large old Monarch lathe:
    formatting link
    (3HP w/static converter. Runs on 220 single phase. About 19+"swing short bed, 9" 3 jaw, 14" 4 jaw, face plate, steady rest,

  1. Nichols horizontal mill w/vertical head:
    formatting link
    1½ HP 3 phase

  2. Grizzly G4015 3in1 Lathe/mill/drill

  1. 16", 3 HP shaper (large), w/ vise

  2. K&T model K number 2 vertical mill, (table problem)

  1. Surface grinder, 20" (IIRC)

  2. shop made 10 HP rotary phase converter.

  1. All the parts to make a 5 HP rotary phase converter.

  2. Lots of 2" & 3" steel shafting material, various sizes & lengths. Some stainless.

  1. Some 3" & 4" pipe. Suitable for making gantries (A frames for chain hoists)

And a lot of other stuff I can't think of at the moment.

These will go to Ebay eventually. Email me for info. Thanks,

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Ron Thompson
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Soon to be replaced by

Ron Thompson On the Beautiful Atlantic Coast of Fla.

No doubt. :-)


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Lewis Edward Hartswick Jr

Or maybe " On the Beautiful Florida Space Coast"

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Ron Thompson

Ron: I think you would be making a huge mistake selling everything off and starting again. From what I have seen in the way of equipment available in south Florida, it isn't in real good shape, and if it has been outside for more than a couple of days, it has a good start on being rusted up. It would be a heck of a lot cheaper in the long run to slather everything down with a good heavy coat of grease and put it in a sea container and store it at the rv storage lot. You can probably count on spending 3-5 times what you get for your current tools to replace them and that doesn't include the time and effort just to locate them or the transportation costs either.

Since we have to move too (theoretically) by the end of the year, I'm busy packing and crating mine so that we can load the house, the shop and the hangar stuff in just one day and get it going without a big fuss.

Craig C,

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This seems to be the main sentiment, but I have made the decision to sell them.

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Ron Thompson

I don't see the vertical head in the photos in your URL, and it looks like those are the shots from the eBay auction when you first got the machine. (Or are you trying to eBay it?) Anyway, they are the typically terrible "ipix" pictures often found on eBay.

It *does* look as though there is either a pneumatic or hydraulic vise on the table of the machine, which look interesting.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

I just posted some new pictures I took today.

formatting link
have the air vise, but it isn't in the new crop of photos.

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Ron Thompson

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