Stuff for sale in Southern Illinois

I'm selling some of my equipment that I don't use much anymore, sort of a moving sale for me. I'm trying to set my pricing based on what I have seen similar equipment sell for.

6" Craftsman (Atlas) metal lathe with some tooling (4-jaw, steady rest, center, drill chuck, etc) $600

8" Shape Rite metal shaper with vise and cast iron stand, heavier than the

7" Atlas but can be disassembled and gotten into a basement. $600

12 X 36 Craftsman Atlas metal lathe with 3 jaw, 4 jaw, and I think a steady rest. This has a layer of rust on it and need disassembled, scotch-brite, and oil. $500.

South Bend 9" bed, tailstock, and countershaft & pulley assembly. No carriage or headstock. rusty but should clean up fine. $100 obo.

Kempsmith horizontal mill with Bridgeport step pulley head on overarm. The Bridgeport head had bearings replaced about 40 working hours ago. Has a 12 X 50 table, estimated weight 4500lbs $1000

Stuff I'm planning on keeping but would sell for a good price includes like new Enco step-pulley mill in perfect condition, not used very much. Has Enco DRO made in USA, I forget the actual brand name right now. Bridgeport CNC with Anilam controls, 3 new servo drives, laptop computer, bobcad 17, lots of nmtb30 tooling, and the programs and existing business I got for it. South Bend 13" lathe with 7' Bed, 4 jaw, 5C lever operated collet closer, steady rest, taper attachment.... Like I said, I'm planning on keeping this equipment unless I got a premium offer, these are the main machines I use in my home shop.

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