any advice for fastening lanyard to copper stock?

Hi all.
I want to make some simple key fobs/chains out of small (e.g.
3/8"-1/2") copper bar stock, but am not sure of the best way to fasten
the lanyard to the copper... Threading a hole into it seems like a
pretty straightforward (and cheap) way to do it, but i don't know how
long it would hold up (possibly add some adhesive to the threads?).
Welding/soldering seems kind of risky to the finish.
Simple glue doesn't seem strong enough to hold up.
This is just a little craft job, i don't really have any good
metalworking gear. Any suggestions? I'm assuming the lanyard material
will matter as well, any ideas there?
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--Why not use traditional beaded chain and drop it thru a hole? Big chamfer on each side to keep chafing at bay and you're done.
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Drill a hole near the end, and attach the chain with a split ring like you see on keychains all over the world.
Good Luck! Rich
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Rich Grise
The standard way to attach a small flat metal object to a key ring is to drill a hole in the metal object and then put it on your key ring where it will lie flat with your keys ..
GWE wrote:
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Grant Erwin

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