Any home built CNC'ers - Mach3 E-stop

I've got a lashed together 3 axis mill/router.
I replaced the Dremel tool with a 12V DC spindle.
Now the limit switches (wired to the E-stop input) false triggers when
the spindle is loaded rapidly.
I've bonded the spindle supply gnd the motor/controller ground.
I've placed a 0.1uF cap across the E-stop loop at the controller.
I've placed a fly-back Schotky diode across the spindle motor terminals.
By configuring the E-stop for an active low input and shorting out the
switch loop I've proved its the spindle causing the false E-stop signals.
I currently run the E-stop loop open circuit with the switches closing
when the axes travel too far.
Can I simply swap the E-stop pin configuration to active low and run the
axis limit switches normally closed (opening when they are hit?
Any gotchas?
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Guessing from a distance: seperate the 12v supply from the logic/estop supply. As a check, use a completely different supply - a 12v wall plug type with adequate power if possible; or a stray computer supply. Out of curiosity, what is the 12v spindle?
snafu wrote:
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Hul Tytus
Yep, they are already separate and as it happens I'm using a wall plug unit for the e-stop etc.
The 12V spindle is a home brew thing.
I think the motor may have originally been off a large centrifugal fan, maybe automotive.The motor is about 4" diameter x 5" long with a 1/4' shaft. Its coupled via a small tooth belt to a shaft. The shaft is mounted in a couple of bearings with a rotary tool collet fitted to the bottom.
I'm only routing plastic with a 2 flute engraving bit so I don't need too much HP. The Dremel was too fast and was melting the ABS plastic so I changed to the 12V motor to drop the speed.
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I figure a follow up post is in order..........
I tried lots of different things, filter caps, changing pull up resistor values etc.
I could not get Mach3 to work with the switches set in a normally closed manner & gave up on that route.
What did work was using s shielded 2 wire cable. I kept the shield separate from the grounded switch wire, commoning them only at the interface pcb. Now its all good (for now!).
Thanks for the motivating suggestions gents.
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