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I often put a discharged dewalt or flashlight battery on the charger and then forget to remove it. Am I hurting the battery? My better half says I'm ruining them.

No way will I quit forgetting, should i get some sort of 120 volt timer that only allows charging a couple hours a day?


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Karl Townsend
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It depends on the charger. Low $ tools are more likely to have simple chargers that can damage batteries if left on the charger. High $ tools particularly with chargers that are multi-voltage are more likely to be smart and no damage batteries when left for long periods.

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Pete C.

If it's the older DeWalt the battery will self discharge a bit then the charger will top it up. The problem then becomes cell memory.

If it's the new DeWalt charger this would be a good thing as it supposedly does a battery conditioning charge.

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Steve W.

DeWALT charges are high quality and know when to turn on, turn off, and how to maintain a battery plugged in for months.

The cheap ones do not do that and ruin the battery the day you forget to take it out.

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