Canadian source for metals?

Hi all,
My name is James, and I live in southern Manitoba. I'm looking for
a metal supplier, preferably online, deals in small quantities, and
carries cold rolled bar\round\sheet, DOM \ Seamless tubing, etc.
I'm going to try the Gingery line of projects, as well as some
others, and I need a source of cold rolled metals.
I've looked at, but it is a US company, and only
ships by UPS. I seriously want to avoid UPS. I don't have a problem
with it, other than the potential for headaches shipping into Canada
Can anyone recommend a Canadian company that deals either online, or
by post, in small quantities & "custom" cut sizes?
James, jozef nospamming at mts dot net
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James, Have you tried New West Metals ,Higgins ave in Winnipeg 204-949-0967, they deal in small custom cut items. Al
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Alan Inness
I forgot if you are out of town use 800-665-7625 Al
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Alan Inness
Hey James,

Good Luck.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
Hey again James,
And of course, try Princess Auto. They will have at least some of what you are asking for.
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Brian Lawson
He could try Metal Supermarkets (1530 Church Ave. Winnipeg, according to their web page). They are rather pricey, however. You can buy just a bit and they'll cut it for you (all for a price). A scrapyard might be good to find..
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Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
I use Metal Supermarkets all the time. The two near me in Brampton have a table with "Ends" in all kinds of steel and aluminum sold for less then custom cut pieces. The pieces are usually 3' or less. Large selection of small blocks of aluminum.
Dave D.
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David De Vuono
I dropped into my local Metal Supermarket today. I bought some brass from the bits and pieces table. $7/lb! Holy crap, I felt like I was an unwilling shower scene participant in a bad prison movie. I bought it any ways as they are the only game in town, but I was definitely limping when I left that store.
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Lance A Boyle
I ordered some D-2 from them, a 1" dia x 3ft bar for $20. I check with KBC, They wanted over $300, and a special order. Needless to say I grabbed the bar from Metal Supermarket :-)
Lance A Boyle wrote:
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James Crombie
No direct help to you folk, but nowadays I order my steel from my local steel stockholder in the UK (Macready's, Rugby) and having discovered that nothing costs less than 15UKP I always order enough to cost more than that. I also always order complete bars unless it's a large section and they offer a bar end. if you ask for a small length on something as small as 1" dia, then you will pay retail rates. If you get a whole length then you have stock for next time.
Regards Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand
Don't be afraid to check with big steel and aluminum suppliers. Unless they have a high minimum purchase, they are far cheaper than the supermarket retailers on a lot of stuff. I can get 20 feet of 3/4" 6061 Al tube for the same price (or less than) one of the retailers wants for eight feet. 20 feet of 2x2x1/4 steel angle for the price of eight feet at the retailer. It goes on and on. The supplier will usually cut it for you so you can get it into your pickup. Just don't ask them to cut it into little pieces. The same principle applies to common chemicals, solvents, cleaners and so on. Read the label to see what's in it, and buy the stuff in a big container for less than the tiny one with the fancy name. Look in the yellow pages under steel, metals, aluminum, whatever.
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Dan Thomas

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