Compound Indexing on a 5th axis diving head


I cannot find charts or formulas to figure out the method of achieving a dual angle position on a tilt/rotate style dividing head. e.g. : 5 deg on 8 deg

say tilting the head 20 deg and rotating from 0 to 35 deg would achieve x' on y'

Does anyone know this method or formula to figure out the position ?

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Might be able to help. If you are starting with a position on a work piece on which a hole is to be drilled at the combined angle of x degrees as viewed parallel to the x axis and y degrees as viewed parralel to the y axis, the calculation for the tilt angle & rotation angle is straight forward. The new position, ie x & y change after tilting the head & rotating I haven't tried but that shouldn't be tough but I've said that before & been wrong.

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Hul Tytus

Yeah, there's a method. You need to identify the orientation of the desired axis of rotation, if you plan on rotating the dividing head to a multiplicity of positions. Then you identify the length (i.e. the radius) of the item being rotated, and the position of the center of gyration. The rest, is just vector addition. A :== Vector of unit length in direction of rotation axis B :== Vector from origin to center-of-gyration C :== Vector of unit length from center-of-gyration to '0' degree angle position D :== - crossproduct(A, C) L :== le Then at any angle setting

rotated-item-position-vector = B + (L *cosine(theta)) *C + (L*sine(theta)) *D

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