Compressor motor replacement

Due to luck, I was able to acquire a 7.5 HP single phase motor for free.

My compressor was originally 7.5 HP, but I put a 10 HP motor on it because I bought it without a motor.

So, my next project will be taking out that 10 HP motor and putting in the 7.5 HP motor. It should be completely straightforward, as both are

215T frame. i
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I was thirsty today, but could only find a large cup for water. I used it then I found a clean smaller cup, so I used that instead.

I am very clever!

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Cydrome Leader

I do not think that you are as clever as you think. (even considering your intent to be sarcastic).

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I wasn't being sarcastic. I was very proud of myself and had to tell everybody on usenet about my huge accomplishment.

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