Custom seals to keep debris out of linear bearings?

Plastic filament won't work for bearings here, because the bearings must move
freely on rods even when twisting pressure is applied.
My main problem is a dire need to make 8 mm bearing seals that actually fit
the 8 mm rod. The silly rubber seals that come with cheap bearings have a gap
wide enough to allow tiny particles into the bearing.
Any ways to make close-fitting but easy sliding bearing shields out of
whatever material?
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John Doe
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Design something and print it with TPU filament with an ID a bit smaller than 8mm, that's assuming your 3D printer can handle flexible filament.
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David Billington
8mm valve stem seals.
And springs wrap around them. See?
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Nothings getting past these.
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For sliding on a rod, a good seal is a bellows around the rod... which also keeps dust off the sliding surface.
Another traditional method is to use felt (oiled, perhaps) or leather against the sliding surface.
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