Deep hole drill profile question

I need to do a lot of deep holes in UHMW material. Generally, these
holes are 5/16" dia (loose tolerance) by 6" deep...sometimes deeper.
Using standard style long drill bits works ok..but there is a lot of
pecking and the stringy chips tend to bind etc. I was wondering if
anyone out there had any ideas for speeding up this process? Also, UHMW
tends to dull bits fairly quickly. It's not terrible and 5/16" drills
are easy to re-sharpen..but it would be nice to reduce this a bit.
Carbide tips hold up ok, but it's hard to get the nice sharpness that
UHMW likes to see when using carbide material.
Thanks for any ideas
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Agreed. Also, UHMW is self lubricating, which is good, however, you are likely generating a fair amount of heat. Likely that is a big factor in the short life of your cutting tool. If you can flood with coolant, use a spray mist, or an air blast will help alot. TiNi coated drills will be effective, as that is a coating with excellent resistance to heat.
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Drill slower and more pressure to bring the chipload up. High speed is killing off the sharpness and the thin swarf is making the drill cut more material.
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