End Mill Cutter/Sharpener

Does anyone here regularly sharpen their own end mills?

If so, I was wondering what kind of equipment you use.

I saw something called an "End Mill Cutter Sharpener" in a catalog and was wondering if something like this was plausible or too cheap to bother with.

To see a picture and description, just go to

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click, "online catalog", and then go to page 90.

Thanks a lot.

Darren Harris Staten Island, New York.

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No comment one way or the other on the sharpener, but my word, that has to be the most annoying online catalog I've ever seen! --Glenn Lyford

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--You might also want to look at kits to build your own. The two that spring to mind are the Quorn and the Tinker. I built the Quorn; quite a project but you get quite a machine when you're done. IIRC there's also a Quorn owner/builder group, maybe on Yahoo.

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I have a tool and cutter grinder. I resharpen and make custom cutters. There's quite a learning curve to be good at tool grinding. I must say with the advent of ebay super cheap endmills, I wouldn't bother unless you just want to do it. (My son and I wonder who's stealing all those endmills from the day job just to ebay)

There is a unit for grinding the end of an endmill in a surface grinder, maybe $50. If you have a surface grinder, start by using this.

Here's a link on endmill regrinding:

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Karl Townsend

Get their paper catalog, it's very good

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Rex B

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Steve Lusardi

Remember that there are a lot of people in this group who do not charge for their time.

Also, we resharpen our solid carbide Ø2" x 6" cut length finishing endmills at work. I don't do purchasing, but I'd assume it's cheaper to resharpen.



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Robin S.

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