Fanuc EHPMs & EMC

> BTW, Welcome to the swamp ... .

> >Thanx mate. > >I have been entertaining myself stirring the pot while I wait for someone to >reply to my post of 4thJan "help, Fanuc EHPMs" >No luck so far. >I am interested in retrofitting, particularly using EMC

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Repost it. Also cross post to rec.crafts.metalworking and subscribe to

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and search their archives.

A search for EMC at

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might find a few other related mailing lists.

I'll start a new thread with this post ... better luck? I'll even crosspost it to rec.crafts.metalworking .. Can you repost your original to the new thread?


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Cliff Huprich
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there is a cnc group at chasinski news group

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