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I have ordered a box joint cutter for $24.95. It has five blades 5/32 > inch. It should do nicely. I have updated my PDF locally but not on the > FTP site. > The new cutter is a delight and box joints proceed with a 10-24 pin > screw through the fingers. Very nice. I have a long nut tap coming to > finish these threads in the wood. > I would like you all to comment on how a 4 inch cross vise might clamp > such a joint for drilling that pin through the leaves in such a way > that the fingers were forced tightly together by the clamp. Sort of a > big vee to take the legs, and little knives to grip and force the wood > inwards?

The vise has removable jaws of flat steel about 6 mm thick and 1x4 inches. The screws are, I supppose, about 2 inches apart. If I use a 3x3x1 block of steel and saw two miter cuts that meet in the center with a milling setup, that would be pretty close.

I guess I have to draw it out.

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I have drawn it out and a 1x3x4 inch block from the 1x3 inch bar I got from MSC will do it. Cutting that block off the bar will let me use the new tile saw wet with kerosene and a carbide blade instead of water and diamond. Better use a low-volatile coolant. I don't want to breath it or blow the house up. Maybe a varsol with some oil and wax.

I think I am going to have to mill the miter cuts and use an angle gage to set it up. I'll probably have to put a clock gage on it to make sure it isn't slipping during cutting, feed really slowly, and use a drip of kerosene.

I've already got a model in wood.


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