Folding band saw blades

While researching band saw blades for my latest boondoggle I discovered a local
suppler has a few videos up on Youtube.
Probably old school to more than a few here, but I was fascinated by one in
particular. I was taught to make a simple three loop fold using the 'pretend
it's a saddle' then fold real quick method back in the late 70s. Was never
taught, nor figured out on my own, just how to add extra loops like done in
this video.
Small window and starts near the end where she (and you have already clicked:-)
) starts folding the blade.
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Full screen, seven minutes long and starts at the beginning.
formatting link
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William Bagwell
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Many years ago, my local 'band saw blade monger' warned me sternly against folding the blades thusly. Nowadays, his son hands me the blades folded using the simple 'saddle' process you alluded to.
This modern age is disorienting if you contemplate the advances we are making in physics..... :)
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