Forming ("chasing") internal threads?

Snap-On makes this internal thread chasing tool:
It comes with what seems to be a selection of tips in different t.p.i. but
not diameters.
Since there are no diameter specs, I presume that these tips don't span the
entire diameter of the hole, but lay against an "arc" of the diameter.
As best I can figure you place the tip (the thread edge) into the threads and
kind of scrape the threads. Unlike a tap or a chaser made for a specific
diameter threaded hole, this tool seems to rely on a bit of side-force to
affect the threads.
How do you use a tool like this?
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Those devices are thread RESTORERS, not for cutting new threads and yes you use them as you describe.
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The name describes it, it chases threads, doesn't originate them in a straight bore. For cleaning goop out of threads, fixing damaged ones and maybe cleaning newly tapped ones. Used as you describe. Beats fishing around with a bent scriber and pieces of paper towel. Would be handy for various automotive tasks where you've got some piece with a non-standard diameter and a standard TPI. From the rather coarse thread sizes, I'd say that's exactly what was intended. Locking rings, retaining rings and the like.
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I'd think like a screw driver. Martin
notme wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn

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