Frame fabrication

I have no metalworking experience but I'm thinking of having the frame on my

78 jeep boxed to reinforce the rear leaf spring area which has almost totally separated. Has anyone had either good or bad expereince with this sort of repair? I am not intending this as a road worthy vehicle but would like to have it for the winters.


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Kevin Bootz
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Frame boxing is a tried and true chassis modification used by hotrodders for many decades. It adds significant strength to a C-section frame channel. Sounds like just what you need.

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Rex B

The only thing I have to add is that with it being that old you don't have to worry about heat treat on the frame, so the welding will be much more simple.

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============ The only caveat is how bad is the corrosion? You can't weld [to] rust. What caused the separation in the first place?

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F. George McDuffee

Check out

formatting link
Plenty of people there with experience in CJ frames.


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Howard Eisenhauer

Rust it was. I intend to box from the rear bumper to the front spring shackle. This will give me approx 2 foot of extra frame from the crack/separation with which to weld(No I'm not doing the welding but need to be able to explain what I want to the fabricator. After this is done I then need to have the shock bracket rebuilt as that's where it has worn.

Thanks to all who've responded with advice/links.

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Kevin Bootz

Rectangular tube is like an i beam . Completing the tube is a very good idea .

A beam shorter than about 10 times the beams depth , has a vertical part ( "web') that is a significant part of the strength .

A longer beam has the load in the flanges , the web can be very thin and not matter .

Cars , trucks and jeeps have short rectangular tube and open C's frames . welding a side on , may double the strength and ! Get better twist strength !

Kev> I have no metalworking experience but I'm thinking of having the frame on my

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That is a standard problem with vintage Jeep. They went to the boxed frame in 77(?), it collects mud and crud, rusts out nicely. Standard fix is to add a fishplate on the outside.

Best way to fix it is to pull the tub off (not that hard) for full access, gr> I have no metalworking experience but I'm thinking of having the frame on my

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