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Went looking for an A/C compressor clutch bearing for my '70 F250.
62X30X16 sealed single row ball. No joy. The inner race has a width of
24mm, which stands-off the clutch. Found 62X30X16 flat bearings on Ebay:
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a 3rd the cost locally, with free shipping. Excellent quality, and
arrived in 48hrs.
Also, I get to make 2 spacer rings, to make up for the inner race width.
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I've gotten the exact bearing needed from online mobile A/C parts suppliers, ran about $20 with S&H. No spacers needed. Just need to know the make and model of compressor. Autozone had all the tooling needed to remove clutch plate, pulley and clutch coil for free. Took an afternoon. Got the Warn clutch docs off their website, covered troubleshooting and setup, critical dimensions for the clutch to pulley spacing and how to adjust same. Beat a couple of hundred bucks they wanted for a refurb compressor and all the gyrations needed to evacuate, purge and refill. Plus, I now know what to do when the A/C clutch goes CLUNK instead of -click-.
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