Help with small cutting wheels

Hi, all:
I am looking for a small diamond cutting wheel with a cone or inverted
cone shape and a 60 degree edge angle. It should be similar in
appearance to this approx. 3/8" Dremel 7117 wheel:
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but I'm looking for one that will fit on a 3/32" mandrel instead of
being mounted on a 3/32" shank like the one in the picture is. This is
so that I can assemble a pair of them together to build a form cutter.
Does anyone:
1) Know the model of a commercially-available wheel that would fit the
bill or
2) Have an opinion on the feasability of taking a few 7117 diamond
cutting wheels to a precision machinist and having them replace the
shaft with a 3/32" hole?
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Look for an outfit called Congress Tools in Naugatuck CT, I bet they have a source.
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Boyd, you could try Lasco diamond products.They make tools for industry as well as lapidary and hobbiest. I buy a lot of their odd shaped diamond tools just like you are looking for. They may even make the piece for you.
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