Honda GC190 5hp pressure washer problems

Hi everyone. I'm new here, so guide me if I'm in the wrong forum let m
know plz.
Recently my pressure washer has been acting up on me. After running fo
several minutes until hot, the motor looses power while in use until th
point engine stalls out. Automatic choke opens and closes constantl
causing engine to rev up and down several times before stall occurs
When I try to crank it up again, it takes several tries to get i
running only to have it stall all over. Oil has been changed often
fuel always fresh and full, air cleaner is very clean and carb. ha
recently been removed to be checked for proper functioning an
cleaning. Any ideas, please throw them my way. Thanks for any help
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There is a special valve on the water pump that allows water to recirculate in the pump, when the pressure washer is not spraying anything. Maybe it is acting up?
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This is characteristic of a bad magneto coil. You might check for blockage of the cooling air flow, but most likely the coil is fried. When it gets hot, the insulation breaks down, and the spark becomes very weak.
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Jon Elson
If problem is what you say, how much will repairs be? I just dropped of
pressure washer at a Honda dealer this morning. There guess was old ga in carb. I told them that carb was drained as well as old fuel in tank and I refilled with fresh gas. They still lean towards old gas being m problem. I'm doubtful, but hope it is what they say
-- mtlmark23
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