How to weld Stainless Steel using ARCwelder

Hi All,

I have an Arc welder but have never welded Stainless Steel before as i always seems to melt the stainless steel.

Do I need special rods ?

Are the setting on the welder too high ?

Is is possible to use an Arc welder on Stainless steel

Jimmy Irelan

-- Jimmy

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Yep, it's possible. You're probably running too large a rod too hot. Plain ol' ugly 6011 and 6013 rods work fine (well... they work ok...) with AC on many stainless alloys, although you'll be wrecking the corrosion resistance of the metal near the welds. I wouldn't do structural welds on SS with a mild steel rod.

You can buy AC rods specifically for the alloy you're working. Check out your local welding supplies dealer.



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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

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