i need help with some copper issues

i em trying to plate a wooden swords guard with sheeted copper and i am having a problem with joining the pieces toghether with as less seems as possible i tryed streching the sheet to make alowences for the convexing & concaving (sorry if i misspelled here im not native) of the wooden guard but the sheets are too thin and i tried welding but i just cant get copper wire to melt with my hand torch (hobby grade torch) any ideas (it has to be used later with out me cutting my hands on it practicing tai chi forms)

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Shellac or varnish the wood if it isn't already. Then make it conductive with copper dust or a suitable spray coating, and then electroplate copper to desired thickness. Same process as is used in "bronzing" baby shoes.

The resulting copper can be buffed to a mirror finish if desired.

Suitable supplies and better instructions are available from

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There are probably places you can have this done for less than the supplies would cost for a one-off. See, e.g.,

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Don Foreman

Unless you are simply doing this for the fun and the enjoyment of making a sword by hand, or the laws in your country prevent you from purchasing a sword, Ebay is an excellent source for very inexpensive tai chi swords.

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Mine is a Paul Chen, with a working blade, but you may purchase practice blades them for as little as a couple dollars, plus shipping. Be careful about the shipping charges as usual, as some blade sellers lowball their blades and stick it to you with shipping.

Paul Chen blades on ebay

Paul Chen Tai Chi

Note the word Practical in ads. This indicates a working blade. Which you may not want as they do tend to be rather sharp. Gunner

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