looking at used cnc plasma cutter -advice?

looking at a used cnc plasma / router table I am looking at buying this used machine and need some advice, I know nothing about this machine or any cnc plasma table at all

may I get some advice on buying this used with the work it needs to finish setting it up here are the details

4 X 8 foot CNC plasma or router table.

Built by Practical CNC but has a Cand CNC controller using Mach III software. Currently setup as a plasma cutting table but have the rails to convert to a router table. All motors are servos. Has torch height control. Complete with HP computer and Hypertherm 1000 with machine torch. PlazPak-3 , 3 Axis Servo System. also I think something called the mp3000

needs, someone that can finish some minor software program setup and redo the limit switches.

Also have the hand torch. Other software included is Sheetcam for converting drawings to machine language VCarve Pro for routing. License for Mach III and Sheetcam included. Air compressor is NOT included. I have 12000.00 invested in this table so it is a good buy for someone that can finish some minor software program setup and redo the limit switches.

thanks, I could really use the help

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Contact Tom at CandCNC, he should be able to give you a lot of guidance. I use his Dragoncut control and THC on my small CNC plasma cutter which also uses a Hypertherm Powermax 1000. I also have a second torch (PMAX

1000 has quick change torches) to use for manual cutting. My little table is stepper driven and works fine, but servos are better, particularly for large tables. You need a compressor capable of supplying 6 CFM.
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