Making a mill DRO from calipers

I have an old 'table top' mill (8" x 28" table) and I'm thinking about
trying to add a 'budget', 2 axis, DRO by using digital calipers.
Have any of you people made a successful setup this way?
Any links to places where I can get more info on this will really be
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Check Nick Mullers site.
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His web page is well worth reading.
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This can be done. I have seen sites where the calipers were clamped in position and could be removed for hand use. There are also "quill kits" that are single axis dros. these look like calipers with mounting hardware instead of jaws. There is even a remote readout that will make it look just like a regular DRO. Some will interface with a cheap laptop for the readout, like here:
Search ebay or Google for quill kit.
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Ron Thompson
The link below is a good place to start, the ShumaTech readout is a DRO kit that was designed to interface with digital caliper output. There are links there to other similar sites with pictures of mounting methods and such.
Regards Paul
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