Installation of a DRO (on a mill) -- ping Tom Gardner

I purchased a new DRO kit on eBay, called "Uniq 3 axis DRO". It comes
with sliding scales for X, Y, and Z axis. It actually looks kind of
The instructions are a little skimpy and I would like to hear if any
esteemed members here can share any experiences installing these
things. How accurately should I align the rails, etc etc.
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The scales have to be mounted as perfectly as you can, make sure the don't bind or get stressed throughout the travel. For the X axis, I made a bracket that bolted on the table that was just a plate with a milled-out pocket for the scale slide. For the Y, I used the stuff that came with the kit but had to do a bit of cutting. I'll take some pix for you if you like. Once you disregard the book and just use common sense, it's quite simple. I am sooo happy with the set-up!
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Tom Gardner
I was thinking of the fun I had drilling the base and table of my X3 in order to mount the scales to it. I was surfing and saw where someone drilled, tapped, and superglued aluminum mounting plates to his mill.
With this in mind, I might remount the X axis to the rear of the table, since drilling and tapping of the table is eliminated. And if the scale shears off the mounting pads, you might of wanted the pads to fail before the scale was damaged...
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