Ping Tom Gardner:

I dug out a NOS air powered linear slide made by Festo.

The traveler runs on a linear way (ball bearings) and has a total travel distance of about 1"

Its designed to be operated at high speed by air.

Entire unit is about 10" long, about 3.5" tall

Is this anything you need?

Got a photo if you need one.

Its Festo # is DGPL-25-25-PPVA-K Series L641

Free if you want it.

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Check in that link for the specs

I also have one that is about 4 FEET long if you need that as well.

If not..they go on Ebay.


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Gunner Asch
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Well, FUCK YEA! The 10" will be used to automate a hand-operated wire picker for our loop-handled brushes, they've complained about that operation for over 40 years but I never thought of how to automate it 'till I saw that picture. I can't think of what I could possibly use the long one for...let me ask Roger when he gets home. Thanks! You still have my UPS number? If not I'll send it tomorrow.

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Tom Gardner

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Resend the UPS number. Ill have to go back into the stacks o' stuff and see what the other one is.

I figured you could use a $500 goodie.

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Gunner Asch

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