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Bruce, Im looking for a raintight subpanel for the outside welding
shed. Something with at least (1) 220 single phase breaker (2-3 would
be better) and a few 110 breakers for lights and grinders and whatnot.
50-60 amp breakers on the 220 (welders) and normal 15-20s on the 110
I need to be able to attach it to a steel post (roof support leg)
and it will be exposed to the weather. Ive seen em used as New Start
or New Construction subs for contractors on job sites. Usually
hanging crookedly off a temporary pole
Got a used one kicking around in your Stuff I could swap you out of?
Ive checked all my Secret Sources and not a one is to be found.
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I certainly can (and will) go look - but you can get a brand new Murray panel at Home Despot or Lowe's (with a warrantee, even!) cheaper than I can rehab an old panel and ship it - or deliver it at $2.50 a gallon x 10 MPG... $20 to $30 for a new 125A 4-8 NEMA-3R panel (6" wide 12" tall) and $10 each for 2-pole breakers. If you want to use a Quad MP2502020 to get the most poles in the panel, they're about $20 - $25.
Usually I remove old panels because they're gone or going fast. I only save a few, the more valuable stuff is the good obsolete breakers & the copper. Sheet steel boxes you can hardly give away unless you're talking tons and want to schlep it to Sun Valley, I leave it on the curb for the scrap vultures.
Having vintage breakers available to save you from changing an old panel is good. But I figure it's not worth the hassle to reinstall a used breaker panel (especially one with discontinued breakers) if you don't have to, and new is cheaper than the labor. You get all done, then a week later it goes and you get to start all over...
Now if there's something really tempting in the junk pile like the conduit boxes I need for the truck, I'll buy you a new panel, bring it up /and/ install it. I need a good Road Trip excuse, even if it's just a quickie. (Feeder wire and pipe not included - "Gentlemen, Start Your Backhoes...")
But not this weekend, "I god a bab code in my node that's just about gone, but nod quide." It's not just a post-nasal drip, it's a freaking yellow Niagara Falls raining on my tonsils...
And I have out of town company coming in tomorrow that I have to fake being well for - got to show a grand-nephew their first Disneyland trip the right way. A dirty job for a Premium Annual Passholder, but hey, somebody's got to do it...
(And no kittens - I'm on bad enough terms with the parrot as it is...)
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Bruce L. Bergman
How about cats? They are evolved kittens.
Thanks for looking. Its not a big deal. Im currently (pun intended) running every thing out under the welding shade/roof/awning/whatever off a long 4/3 extension cord with a set of break out boxes on the end. I just wanted to make things a bit neater. Since I designed the critter to be able to be lifted and moved by a hydro crane (its over my septic system, and is a 24'x24' low peaked roof 9' high on (4) 4" pipe legs, I was looking to neaten it up a bit.
I dont have a lot of electrical Stuff, but have some odds and ends. Just the usual Stuff that tends to grow (like fungus) when one works around machine shops and whatnot. Ive got probably 50 or so breakers of various styles. Ive got a number of disconnects, both plain and fused, and a few small sub panels but nothing rain tight. I guess I can kluge up an enclosure.
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