Marking on steel

Hi, Bob.
Just came across this on a newsgroup:
greetings, at the fab shop where i work we use prismacolor verithin (
>> silver )pencils to lay out dimensions on (mostly hot roll )mild
steel. the
> problem we are having is that the lead tends to break off in the pencil
>> and we have to re-sharpen to get a point. on average about a quarter of
>> the pencil is wasted. these pencils are not intended for metal work but
>> the silver color makes for lay out lines easy to see so i am curious
as to
> what other fabricators might use.
>> many thanks cj
Switch to Berol 949 Silver pencils. Made by the same company as your
Verithin's, but the lead is about 1/8" diameter. Welding supply and Art
stores are the sources around here. For stainless they make a large lead
dark red that works . Eyeliner pencils work well on stainless also.
I got started on the silver pencils while millwrighting in the local
sawmill's around
25 years ago. A little expensive, but well worth it. I'm not sure if I
own a piece
of soapstone any more. Where the pencils really shine is on wet/dirty/oily
They will mark where soapstone doesn't work. Also the mark doesn't blow
away ahead of the torch.
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