Metal brake question

Hello all, I am planning a project that requires a 13 inch square
piece of sheetmetal to have one inch on all 4 sides bent 90 degrees,
so that it forms a 12 inch square pan with 4 one inch high sides, I'd
like to use a brake to do this and I can see being able to bend the
first two opposite sides, but how would I bend the adjacent sides?
Thanks in advance for your input,
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OOOOPS, I meant 1/2 inch high sides.....
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Box and pan brake...
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Ned Simmons
You might be able to raise the clamping leaf enough to put a 12" piece of bar or key stock under it at the bend line. I built a brake this month with the clamp easily removeable so I can use scrap steel blocks and deep-throat welding clamps to fold up special boxes.
Crease the two difficult edges to start a sharp corner, bend the other two completely, finish by clamping the box between blocks and bending with a rubber hammer. I've been bending the sill corners of aluminum window trim this way using cheap 1-2-3 blocks.
The 3-in-1 combo sheet metal machines allow you to move the fingers around to bend a box. A real finger brake is wonderful if you can find an affordable one and have the room.
Jim Wilkins
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Jim Wilkins
How many would you need? The multi use machines have removable fingers for this. Or a vice and a couple pieces of angle and a rawhide mallet would work as well.
If your using thin sheet you could also make a simple brake by cutting two slots for the edge bends in the bending die on a small brake.
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Steve W.
You didn't say how thick the metal is, what metal it is our how accurate the bends need to be. If you don't need a lot of accuracy, you can bend the other two sides by just clamping the unbent 3rd or 4th edge in a vise and bending it over with a hammer. If you haven't bought the material yet, buy it from a fab shop and have them make the bends for you.
Pete Stanaitis -----------------------
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