metal that can be polished to look like chrome?

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Anyone have any recommendations for a metal that can be polished to have a mirror finish like chrome, and that will keep that finish? Aluminum can be polished but it will lose its luster due to oxidation. I was thinking of stainless steel but I wasn't sure which type (303, 416, etc) would work best. Also can titanium be polished like that?

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I recently purchases some Kohler shower grab bars that were polished stainless. Looks just like chrome. They didn't specify what alloy. You might contact them.

Chuck P.

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304 takes a nice polish . It's not much fun to machine though .
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Type 304 stainless polishes to a high finish, has good corrosion resistance, and is easily available in most forms; sheet, plate, bar, tube, etc. How well it'll keep its shine depends on how you polish it, how it's treated before and after polishing, and the exact environment it's exposed to.

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Mike, First Chrome doesn't polish well. It is deposited on a base metal that is polished, normally copper. Non-corrosive metals all possess a very thin layer of oxide that in fact prevents them from corroding and therefore is not as bright as chrome plate, that includes stainless steels, aluminum and titanium. I personally find these metals more attractive than chrome. Steve

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