Mist Sprayer Inlet Pressure

I just got a generic mist sprayer from Wholesale Tool. It doesn't
specify the pressure going to the sprayer. I could play around and
just find the minimum that works, but the voice of experience is often
helpful. What's a good working pressure for this orange plastic tank
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Also, the center tube in the nozzle is bent at a 45º angle which makes
it point to the wall of the surrounding metal shroud which contains
the air stream. Is that the way it's supposed to look or is my nozzle
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GeoLane at PTD dot NET
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You aren't getting much help, and I can't help either. But the system looks interesting.
I hope you will post a report on it.
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Usually it is about 45 PSI.
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Thanks Iggy.
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GeoLane at PTD dot NET

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