Monitoring well pump OT?

Had to repair an underground leak yesterday. The well pump was
probably running for a few days as I don't get out to that shed all
that often. I hate to think what the power bill will look like for
this month with 11A x 240v.
The well head shed is about 100 yards from the house and not visible
through the trees. I'd like some suggestions on monitoring it's on-
times. I thought of using a baby monitor but they don't have the Tx-
distance to the house.
Thoughts please guys?
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Dave, I can't do that
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2x 20 watt bulbs in series, connected across the motor and mounted on the outside of the shed? Take a look each night before bed and make sure they are off?
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Jim Stewart
Assuming that the power for the shed comes from the house & that the pump is the only self-starting load in the shed: put a current monitor on the shed line before it leaves the house. A current transformer or a current relay, activating an indicator somewhere where you'd notice its excessive on-ness.
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Bob Engelhardt
This would seem to be a good application for a carrier current transmitter.
Kevin Gallimore
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Dave might not know what that is. Google X-10 or see
formatting link
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Don Foreman
Well, I don't know who's more confused here. X-10 is way overkill, and I've heard not that reliable. If the breaker panel that feeds the pump is closer to the house, then all that's needed is a current transformer, and a pilot light and/or elapsed time meter.
Hope This Helps! Rich
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Rich Grise

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